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Hey ! It's been a while... Someone gave me a fistful of old dusty records that were dying in a garage where I discover this 12" by a swedish guitarist who was unknown to me till now. Made my day instantly ! The track came from his 1979 LP and this 12" was only pressed in Sweden and France.

Mikael Rickfors - Dancing on the edge of danger (Sonet, 1979)


Halloween is almost here. Time to nurture our Halloweenie souls.
Here is a little special mixtape for Halloween with some of my favorite tracks and gems that I would love to play for a dreamy party I would name "Le Bal Noir". 
Happy halloween!!!

The Fearless Vampire Killers/ David McCallum / The Vampires of Dartmoore / Osmose / IsoQuant Vs American Horror Story / Éternité / The Sisters of Mercy / Bruno Nicolai / Ministry / Le Chocolate Noir / The Cramps / Satan's Pilgrims / Bauhaus / Chris & Cosey / Christine Pilzer / Bene Gesserit / The Stranger Vs American Horror Story Vs Goblin


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Typically the kind of artist that you could never have a look on.... And typically the wrong attitude... This track is a totally killer slow mo psyche song with an incredible atmosphere growing on and on. I have to do a huge big up to my friend Jutix (we'll talk more about him in the near future) for this one cause he told me about an edit on a parisian label. More edits are available here and there. If you're curious you can find some other stunning tracks by Danyel Gerard on his 70's albums.

Danyel Gerad - Le vieux de la montagne (Part 1 & 2) (Gypsy Production, 1975)


Online the video-dj set recorded last week in Marcello Giordani's Garage. 
100% Italo Disco vinyl and other vintage stuff from his collection.


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Still focusing on french underground. Jacky Chalard is an unknown hero, part of different bands, the most notable is Dynastie Crisis, a classic for people in psych pop / soft prog. This track comes from in only solo LP. Super man - super cool was repressed by Finders Keepers on 12" so I guess it's pretty rare... This is far from italo, this is not really disco but this is a fucking amazing track. The kind of ones when you play it people come to ask you : what is this fucking track man ?!?!?

Jacky Chalard - Super man - super cool (Philips, 1977)



G Machine - Disco Nightmare
Shriekback - My spine is the Bassline (TT Re Edit)
Plus Instrument - Deutche Frau
Que Sakamoto & N.T - Kakamura
Obas Nenos - Change got to come
Rodion - Electric Soca (Cosmo Vitelli remix)
Mr T.C. - Soundtrack for strangers
The Throw Down Bones - Our home, the Holy Mountain
Moderna & Theus Mago - Papa en Roy
Deep Fuzz - Body Karate
Phantom Slashers - Boguns Run
Black Merlin - New World Fantasy
Material - Take a Chance
Heavy Metal (Loudtone Edit)

Um:Bros ‎– The Law Of The Three Trees : Motus

UM:BROS project is back from 1984, they played mainly live during mid-eighties in one of the first italian electronic club called Suburbia' (Perugia). They signed for the legendary House Of Music' Italian label but this Album never saw the light (due also for the short life of the label). UM:BROS put togheter elecronic, new wave and italo-disco in a modern and updated style!

Listen & Pre-Order here