No More Pop is a small passionate vinyl label, dedicated to the 7inch format. All releases are gonna be double 7inch, featuring some old obscure or rare classics out of the following genres: obscure synth pop, quality Italo Disco, Minimal Synth, Synth Pop and also synthesizer New Wave.
The concept is to bring something new through remixes, edits, other versions or unreleased tracks, but without clubbifying the stuff or bringing it into the musical sound of today. Keeping the original spirit, or keeping it creatively interesting is important. So you are NOT gonna see some nu-disco computer synth punchy productions coming out on no more pop, as reworks of old disco classics.

The double 7 inch comes always in a special gatefold (see the pictures), which is also custom size and really hand made. The artwork is always 80s style in a special way illustrated by hand by a japanese artist girl called : Yoko Honda

Future Releases:
NMP002 and NMP003 are already finished and in production. NMP004 and NMP005 are being produced right now. So there are gonna be at minimum 6 releases this year, if not more. NMP002 a dutch unknown minimal synth track.  NMP003 a rarely known but highly fresh french synth pop song. NMP004 a impossible to find rare new wave UK record, in a bit synth pop new wave mixture.


Closed Facebook Group:

Femming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff remix, as a weird cheesy horse promo video:

full release on soundcloud as playlist:

Soundcloud Previews mixed in one file:

latest no more pop mix, featuring the release: (80s movie theme style mix)

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