BAWRUT pres. CIQUITA / 1-2-3-4

Irreverent online music platform Ransom Note have been keeping the spirit of Jockey Slut well and truly alive in the digital age since 2009. Sensing that house and techno is currently lacking in labels characterised by a sense of humour, Ransom Note have decided to launch their own with the debut offering from Madrid based mystery producer Bawrut. Originally released digitally through local Madrid label Silencio last year, it is good to see "Ciquita" and "1234" make it onto 12" here with the former presented in slightly amended form via a R$N edit. If anything the rambunctious acid delight of the track is embellished further on this killer edit, which is complemented nicely by the mind bending vocal edits of the flip.




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