Hello everybody,
it took one month but i re-uploaded, re-linked more than 1000 files and refreshed 100+ dead links. 
Now the blog is 100% working : )
As you know, Italo Deviance contains 7 years of music.. (rare instrumental, dub, unreleased tracks) all music belongs to my private records collection .. 99% .. bought and ripped by me.
I recently also bought more space (cause big files need big space).
now i need your help in order to keep the blog active, with a donation
totally open and no minimum amount.

click on the Paypal link (on the right) and support the blog then WAIT cause:
you'll be AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTED to a page with your PASSWORD 
(valid for ALL files)


- you're NOT buying a service
- you're NOT buying .mp3 or music
- you're just supporting ITALO DEVIANCE BLOG to carry on : )

OR: if you are not up for supporting, just email me and i'll give you the pass without donation.

- - -


all music in this blog is more than 30 years old, this blog is ONLY for letting people discover rare & obscure dance music in order to buy the original vinyl.

if you own the copyrights of any track posted on this blog and you don't want to see it just email me and i will immediately remove it.


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