Claudio Casalini (the producer) writes:
The record production titled "Stay Around" on House Of Music, cat.# HM 1009 (performed by the artist Marck Angel and composed by Masterdj) has been produced in the 1983, but never been distributed, like other House Of Music's productions (see the missing cat. numbers). Only a few Test Pressing of the 12inch in question were printed on white label comes with a black and white personalized sleeve, as shown in the image which I have put on Discogs. The original master tape of "Stay Around" was recently recovered and will be restored very soon, and obviously re-mastered and finally published.

i spoke with Claudio and he told me that the official release will be out in 3 months .. so .. the only thing you can do is putting this record in your Discogs wantlist and wait.

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