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This is a quite long time that I want to ask Digger's Digest to do a mix for I-D. I finally bought a record from his beautiful shop (that I strongly recomend you to check asap to find incredible records from disco to free jazz, turkish music or french underground) and it was launched. Things have to take time to become sweeter sometimes... As you can guess, he's an hardcore crate digger, passionate in discovering obscure music from all over the world. He is already responsible for two superb compilations focusing on french jazz : Freedom jazz France (On Heavenly Sweetness) and Mobilisation générale (On Born Bad). You can already expect more to come in this rare french jazz vein...
I simply asked him to do a mix with "electronic oriented records", expecting freaky unheard sounds... Banco ! This is über freaky ! This is a bomb. There is no trackist. Be curious, buy more records and keep digging.

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