Hey guys,

It has been a while I have featured each month my top 5 fave edits. It isn’t an easy work to dig and choose good gems I want to share with you among edits I receive and discover by my own. The month of May was poor so I decided not to feature anything. 

However, I think it is time now to highlight my top 10 fave edit makers and projects I really enjoy from label’s initiatives, artist collectives or directly from artists, new, regular and active players re-editing some amazing gems that you must follow if it hasn’t been done yet.

Thank you to all edit makers. Sorry, I can't feature everyone I like. It is always hard to make a choice.  Please, keep doing great edits.


1/ Macadam Mambo (FR)

Macadam Mambo is a Lyon based label run by Sacha Mambo and Guillaume des Bois that wants to promote different genres of music focused on weird, eclectic and happy music from disco to synth pop, acid, industrial, techno or Chicago house. Since 2014 they have released 11 amazing 12" of edits. 

2/ Edit service (I’m a Cliché, FR)

Edit Service is a special brand made by the French label I’m a cliché that gives away twice a month as a free download mp3 an unreleased edit produced by members of the crew or beloved friends such as Red Axes, Moscoman, Young Marco, La Mverte, Marvin & Guy, Hugo Capablanca, Jacques Renault etc.

3/ Foc edits (TR)

Foc edits is a collective music edit project from Istanbul started in 2010 by Turkish dj/ producer Kaan Duzarat and Mehmet Koryurek (aksak - Mr. Pink). Their idea was to edit and rework some tracks that they have enjoyed listening but were not necessarily able to play out and dance to at all. The first track was a love song by Özdemir Erdoğan called Aç Kapıyı Gir İçeri. The edit was so successful both domestically and internationally the duo kept working (or FOCing) tracks as they deemed appropriate. Along the way the project got new members and collaborations with the househeads of İstanbul, Ali Çetinkaya (Ave Astra), Anıl Devran, Emrah Arslan (Fattish), Rn Eren, Dogu Civicik and Osman Başaran (Kozmonot). All had some part in FOCing with the tracks of local legends Barış Manço, Ajda Pekkan, Moğollar, Fikret Kızılok, MFÖ, Erkin Koray, Ayla Algan and Bülent Ortaçgil as well as international musicians like MJ, Geraldine Hunt, Curtis Mayfield, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Horace Silver and Dennis Parker.

4/ Les edits du Golem (FR)

Les edits du Golem is a French project that releases (maybe too rarely) some amazing edits of obscure tracks in various genres (disco, funk soul, synth pop, house etc…). The last release was the great Cubo edits project featuring I:Cube in 2012.

5/ Vidal Benjamin (Versatile Records, FR)

Vidal Benjamin is one of the most impressive diggers I know in this world. He makes us rediscover the sound that was so characteristic of a certain early eighties french scene: wacky, happy, dancing and at times even poetic.
He is releasing on Versatile Records on August 30th  a 7" limited edition "Vidal Benjamin presente Disco Sympathie Limted Edith Sampler”, a preview of the release in october of the compilation Disco Sympathie on which each track has undergone an editing treatment by obscure french producers such as Jeff from Get a Room!! and Jean-Marc Misere. As a prelude, before releasing the compilation, Versatile will come with two limited 12" and 7" vinyl EPs.

6/ Diavol edits (AR)
Diavol is collective music edit project as well started in 2011 by Argentinean dj's and producers Joven and Premini that realized that Argentina needed a world class label that release the music they love. Diavol is intended to come up with new tracks as well as edits and revisions of obscure tunes from all over the world. Diavol is all about red lights, glossy vinyl, shinny leather, psychedelia, lonely beaches. 

7/ Sygaire (DE)
Sygaire (aka Roskow Kretschmann) is a Berlin based composer, producer, remixer, engineer, dj, member of Jazzanova and co-founder of the Black Pearl vinyl shop.

Another amazing digger that focuses on soulful music with a groove of all genres from the whole globe. He regularly makes amazing edits in various genres (Krautrock, cosmic disco, funk, afro etc.).

8/ The Very Polish Cut OutsPro (PL)

Started in 2010, The Very Polish Cut OutsPro is a very talented collective composed of Zambon (polish dj, producer and blogger) & Kacper Kapsa (dj & producer), Funkoff, Old Spice, Mental and  Yacht Rock Discoof. These polish edit makers re-edit forgotten polish gems from the 70’s and 80’s though compilations. 

9/ Psychemagik (UK)

No need to introduce Psychemagik, the UK dj producers duet formed by Danny Mclewin and Tom Coveney. They are also impressive diggers and are known for their very good edits from Fleetwood Mac to Yves Simon. 

10/ Prieur de la Marne (Alpage Records, FR)
Prieur de la Marne is a French artist signed recently on Alpage records. He isn’t aiming at bringing about a revolution in the process of musical creation since he is only interested into mixing pop treasures which have been more or less left aside, to turn them into charming as well as unexpected edits, in which François Miterrand meets Yves Simon whereas Romy Schneider has a rendez-vous with Lucio Battisti. In 2014. Alpage Records release "Messages Personnels”,  a collection of 12 handmade Super Clear 7" Vinyls. Each Vinyl is limited to 50 copies and is sent every month.