Hi guys,
Happy New Year!!! Hope you had great holidays and you took time to eat and digest lot of music. This is a late and very mellow selection of edits, remixes and covers of old and new songs I really enjoyed in December. Hope you will envoy them as well as I did. 

1/ Mark & Suzann Farmer - Dreams (via Frwctrl)
One of my fave diggers, Christian from Frwctrl, highlighted recently this amazing cover version of Fleetwood Mac's Dream. Yes Christian, personally I prefer the cover to the original and all these edits I heard on Soundcloud. Thank you for this discovery

2/ Why must good things come to an end (Spaziale edit)
A very sexy downtempo edit made by another great digger and friend Spaziale. The perfect track for dreaming wherever we are

3/ The Mansisters - I love the way you hold me my hips (Red Axes Remix)
My fave dancefloor track these last weeks. It is sexy as hell. As usual an amazing work of remix by Red Axes

4/ Carl et les hommes-boites - La petite porte a gauche (Benoit de Bonne Famille remix)
Back to France with this beautiful dark synth track reworwed by Benoit de Bonne Famille, Cinema pour Adultes' half

5/ Zombies - Time of the season (Alkalino rework)
No need to present Alkalino. He is an edit machine :-) It was the perfect track for holidays

Ps: do not hesitate to send me your tracks through my Soundcloud