After an amazing first EP, ACID ARAB is back with a new EP On Versatile Records including four new tracks that are killing the dancefloor again. For this edition, Guido, Hervé & Sex Schön from Acid Arab delivered one track and featured different producers and musicians (Headcore aka Dj Gregory, Professor Genius, Dj Gilb’r and Shadi Khries) for the three other tracks.

Legowelt (Netherlands) has always stayed out of all fashion and buzz, his fanatic audience follows every release and gig for a better understanding of his speech. Here he gives his own vision of an acid trip in company of Bedouins during a secret rave in Sinaï desert. 

Headcore is one of many aliases of French touch wizard Dj Grégory. ‘21’ is a powerful dj-tool that will turn the Africanism aficionados totally crazy. A must-have for your 128 bpm mixes, five minutes of pure energy featuring beats, darbuka, a bit of oud, and some great organ. 

The Habibeats’ ‘Rum’ is a jam between Professor Genius (L.I.E.S, New York), Dj Gilb’r (Versatile, Paris), Acid Arab and a secret-weapon guest: Shadi Khries, massive percussionist from Jordan, also featured on vocals here. This ain’t a dance oriented song but its rhythm may haunt for a while. This ain’t a chill piece but its deep vibe will rest your soul. Rum is the name of the Jordan desert, the lyrics come from a poem a couple of thousand years old. 

‘Sidi Gouja’ is Acid Arab’s first new track since ‘Theme’. Co-produced with Sex Schön, you will recognise the signature in the devastating beats, once again inspired from complex Arabic rhythms, the harmful synths that regularly shake the song and the use of old Roland devices that look right into the eye of the acid house history. The song celebrates Slim Gouja (Sidi meaning Mister), a fascinating professor of musicology that the duet met in Tunisia last summer.

Here is the video of the first excerpt from the Acid Arab album, written and produced by the Acid Arab duo itself.