Sometimes bad records have beautiful artworks otherwise some great records have shitty artworks. I'd like to present here some great space disco records by their covers. We don't talk about rare or obscure records here but they sounds good (kinda classics I think) and they have in common the fact that the covers shows futuristic flying machines or space ships, no matter how you call it. The beginning of this post was simple : I took the records of the shelves, found the names responsible for the visuals and try to find them. Unfortunately, only one answer me.

Michel Zappy, a canadian born, used to be an illustrator in the 70's (and still he is). He lived in different places in his country then moved to Paris (which he seems to enjoyed a lot) and New York (we'll get back to this). His name appears behind the Bombers' records so I sent him a mail and he did a very kind response, apparently a bit surprised that someone has still interest for this old covers he almost has forgotten ! He was part of the adventure cause when he was in New York, he became friend with François Kevorkian when the french wizard worked for Prelude ! Nice story isn't it ? His actual works are quite different from these Bombers' illustrations made with airbrush and paintbrush. Take time to discover (or rediscover, cause I think that most of our dear readers aren't newbies when it comes about space disco...) these covers : so futuristic for that time but very catchy too and the perfection in its realization. I can't hide my feeling : boys like big toys, even when they grow up...
The two Lps are full of hits that you could miss : Dance, dance dance, Everybody get dancin', Don't stop the music, and above all their version of the Mexican, the song popularized by Ruth Babe (think about Grandmaster Flash...). Pure gold I told you !

 photo bombers1_zps06cd53cb.jpg

 photo bombers2_zps1e64a16b.jpg

 photo 6470070e-0be1-4824-a1ba-0659a426b073_zpsa2f76a05.jpg

For the Droids Lp, another pure cosmic disco classic containing the hit The force (may I suggest you the Serge Santiago's edit ?), the artwork was realized by Francis Bergèse from France. When I googelized his name I found many comics he did but no contact or website, just a guy writing in a comment on a forum, something like "if you try to find him contact this association..." but I didn't get any response. One thing that is sure, M. Bergèse has still a certain interest for plane and driving them...

 photo droids_zps84c98e77.jpg

Last one, and maybe the most famous is Just blue by the french band Space, worldly famous for Tango in space and Magic fly. Looking for the author of this illustration, Shushei Nagaoka, from Japan, I found a website. Perfect I thought at first sight, except that the mail noticed in it is wrong !?!? He also worked for Earth, Wind & Fire and others more or less famous bands in the 70's and 80's. The illustration is stunning and even more if you don't have two stickers that don't seem to want to leave easily on your copy like me...

 photo space_zps4e9460d0.jpg

As a little bonus, I would like to show two other seventies works by Michel Zappy. According to me the Pagliara is particularly amazing : the gaz mask, the fog, the posture of the guy, the typo... Wow !

 photo michel_pagliaro_time_race-cover_zps603c5f3a.jpg

 photo eb784a24-efba-44c7-80e4-6bec92067e87_zps719d3ad4.jpg