1/ Duff Disco - Moy

When one of my favorite bootleg masters re-imagines and gives his own interpretation of one of the queen of pop's hits, the result "Moy"is amazing!!!
Duff Disco's soundcloud is full of pearls. Do not hesitate to support him. He regularly asks for donation to help him press his work.

2/ Tiger on The Leash - Freak (Munga's Back In The Jungle Baby)

A very good edit of the Sexual Harrassment 80's jam "I need a freak" made and released by Tiger on The Leash.

3/ Santé - Protection (Hrdvsion Remix)

A bewitching remix of Santé's track by the talented Hrdvision.

4/ Dolly Parton - House of the Rising Sun ( edit)

Another great edit of Dolly Parton made by, the queen of dark beats.

5/ The Cardigans - My Favorite Game (Dan Grassler Edit)

A very fresh edit of The Cardigans' hit made by Dan Grassler.

6/ El Tigre Cósmico - Wicked game (Chris Isaak cover)

A beautiful romantic cumbia version of my favorite Chris Isaak's track by the talented El Tigre Cósmico.

7/ Louis Chedid - Chat noir (Laurent Garnier Remix)

An amazing edit made by Laurent Garnier for the French singer-songwriter Louis Chedid

8/ Vincent Montana Jr. Feat. Goody Goody ‎– It Looks Like Love (Dim's Compiled Edit)

One of me sexiest disco tracks reworked by Dimitri from Paris

9/ Patrizia Pellegrino - Musica Spaziale (Alkalino edit)

A very nice rework of one of my favorite italo disco tracks from Patrizia Pellegrino made by Alkalino.

10/ Michel Sardou - Afrique Adieu (Mickey-re-view)

and ...How to like the French singer Michel Sardou thanks to Mickey. Good job mate!!!