.. Once upon a time the sauroids, the first civilization on planet Earth. They lived with dinosaurs and other animals of their time. They walked on two steps, had warm blood, a big tail, five fingers for every hand and foot, and were very close to reptile icons (some scientists have defined them as 'the crocodiles on two legs'. Basicly the sauroids were intelligent forms of life, not like the first men of the Earth, and probably their life was more longer than the actual human life: the research spoke about 200/250 years. The Sauroid's world was definitely deleted from our planet, but there are some persons who said that they are still on Earth (someone relate about kidnapping in space shuttles). Probably the founders of Sauroid were already in contact with the aliens, who invited to join into a new dimension. Sauroid, born in 2010 from a crazy idea of DJ Gio MC-505 and Mr. Technium, is a new music platform dedicated to a lot of sound contaminations. The listener can recognize the style of every release from the colour of the logo: red for Nu Rave, yellow for Italo Disco and Electro Disco, green for Acid House and Techno, orange for Nu Disco, blue for Electro and last, but not the least, fuxia for Chiptune. For this reason colors become the identificative elements of the sound. The mission is spread in worldwide the messages of artists who believe in music as universal language. Sauroid: a door to new music dimension.

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