My top 5 edits and remixes of April

1/ Axel Bauer - Cargo de nuit (dj Steef edit)
An amazing edit of one of my favorite 80's pop songs "Cargo de Nuit" made by Dj Steef / Copyshop. It's the perfect slowmo track to start a warm up dj set.
I invite you to check Dj Steef/ Copyshop's soundcloud out. It's full of pearls.

2/ Sebastien Tellier - Cochon Ville (Jupiter's Indian Summer Remix)
My favorite remix of the new and sexy Sebastien Tellier's track "Cochon Ville" made by Jupiter. I love to slow it down to make it more sensual.

3/ Suns Of Arqa - Brujo Magic (Unreleased Edit)
A great remastered and extended version of one of Suns of Arqa's track. So Cowboy disco style!!!

4/ Ajello - Sabrer (Hannulelauri Version)
My favorite track from the amazing Ajello's new album, reworked by Hannulelauri

5/ Sharon Bailey - Cosmic Dust (Belabouche edit)
A very good rework made by Belabouche of one of my favorite cosmic disco tracks "Cosmic Dust".


Mrs. Blythe

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