My top 5 edits and remixes of March

1/The Dead Rose Music Company - Shake
An amazing sexy rework of the Bombers' track "Shake" made by the talented Dead Rose Music Company. A must have to warm up the dancefloor.

2/Tristesse contemporaine - I didn't know (Erik Omen mix)

A bewitching remix of the the Parisian trio Tristesse Contemporaine's track made by Erik Omen

3/Discodromo & Massimiliano Pagliara - Samba Imperiale (Cos/Mes feat. Max Essa Remix)

A warm, tribal and acid edit of The Discodromo & Massimiliano Pagliara's project, made by my favorite japanese producers Cos/Mes featuring Max Essa.

4/Scratch Massive (feat. Jimmy Somerville) - Take Me There (Acid Washed Remix)

A beautiful remix of The Scratch Massive Feat. Jimmy Somerville's track to bewitch the dancefloor, made by The Parisian Acid Washed

5/Elliot Smith - Needle In The Hay (Young Edits Electronic Mix)

Another unexpected edit of the very minimal rock Ellioth Smith's track by Young Edits


Mrs. Blythe

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