REPEATER: “A few months ago I wrote a piece for DJ Mag Italia, focusing on what has quickly become a major phenomenon in the world of underground dance music: Italy, the land of Discoteca Cosmic and Daniele Baldelli, the cradle of the so-called “afro” movement, is producing some of the most exciting, groovy and creative music around – You call it nu-disco, call it cosmic disco, call it slow-motion acid house or call it whatever you like, but I call it a fact -

As a next step of sorts, I thought it could have been quite useful to add music to the picture, so I did a mix – More intended as a showcase than as a proper mix, actually, just to let people know how on fire this whole thing really is, and has been in the past couple of years or so -

Here’s “RADUNO”, then – Just original tracks, no edits, no remixes by, no remixes for, nothing – Just italian artists (Golden Bug isn’t, but Rodion and Lavinia Claws are so that’s 2-1 for Italy and the amazing “Washing Machine” is in!), each one with the track that I either think represents them best, or I think IS their best – You can consider it a “best of” then, but mixed – With the hits and the hidden gems – With the big names, the upcoming ones, the outsiders – And me: the mix closes with a track I released in 2008, I just listened to it again after quite a while and found it fits here quite well – But by no means “RADUNO” has every italian nu-disco/cosmic producer deserving attention: there’s plenty more, and there will be even more qhen I’ll get around to make a second volume, maybe -”

Voodoo boogie!


The Love Supreme – Tiefferre (Tirk)
Mushrooms Project – Phalcon Crest (Bear Funk)
Alien Alien – Sambaca (Slow Motion)
Crimea X – 10pm (Hell Yeah)
The Heels Of Love – Slow (Nang)
Marcello Giordani – Chubby Rain (Slow Motion)
Clap Rules – Pericoloso (Bear Funk)
Golden Bug & Rodion Feat Lavinia Claws – Washing Machine (Bang Gang)
Luminodisco – Questo Amore Splendido (Danny Was A Drag King)
Enzo Ponzio – Electroboogie (Pizzico Nobel)
Johnny Paguro – Igadadadoo (Pizzico Nobel)
Jadoo Feat Hard Ton – Voodoo Love (Danny Was A Drag King)
Nassau – Errol Flynn (Club Edit) (TBM)
Bottin – Galli (Give It Up) (Eskimo)
Nic 2 Birilli – Boogie Ornella (Pizzico Nobel)
Ajello Feat Hart Ton – Chocolate Black Leather (Danny Was A Drag King)
Tobor Experiment Disco Experience – Guitar Voodoo (Bear Funk)
Brioski – Radio Anatomy (Nang)
Marco Antonio Spaventi – Partire Ritornare (Pizzico Nobel)
Out Of City – Phobos (Lipservice)
Rotary Disco 76 – Cotillon (Disco Volante)
Billy Bogus – Disco Lambro ’76 (Mad On The Moon)
Repeater – Corrodromo (Duplikat)

read the article on Rockit.it (Italian only)

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