AA.VV. ‘On The Latch EP’ (House Of Disco)
Third chapter for House Of Disco records, and third bomb release again! A bunch of great artists, both emergent and renowned, for some very delightful tracks for the dancefloor, as the boogie meets piano house of the norwegian The Treatment, or the early 90 flavour of Satin Jackets. Great space disco stuff from Mr. Roberto Rodriguez from Finland, and a superb creative edit from Debonair.

Shep N' Wily “Retrofit #7” (Retrofit Records)
After amazing releases from Jay Shepheard himself, or Rudy Midnight Machine, new Retrofit seventh release serve us some old school sounds with undeniably modern feel. The single it opens with the superb "Hefty Done Me Right", an house-disco track remixed on the flip in a dub version by Ted Wily. Some more balearic and electronic feels in "The Electric Model", and deepness ninety feel for "One Night In Puzon"

Johnny Blackouts “Boozehound EP” (Whiskey Pickle)
New release from the Austin based Whiskey Pickle label, by the enigmatic Johnny Blackouts.
Three originals and a remix, from the more cosmic realms of disco, to house and indie-dance tempest of sound. Walter Jones (DFA, Under The Shade) is on hand for a lively great remix of the lead track, adding further danceable flavour, with big drums, mesmerised pads and an amazing groove.

Ilija Rudman “Cinematic Behaviour” (Electric Minds)
Welcome back to our croatian synth-disco prefered producer. After an album on Bear Funk in 2011, now he's back with a couple of classic Rudman productions, as the A side "Cinematic Behaviour", a perfect nu-disco track in between from disco and house. Same vibe for the "Landscape" track on the flip side, with an analog bassline, piano stabs and a great feeling.

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