Hardway Bros ‘Mania Theme’ (Is It Balearic?)
Great release from Is It Balearic?, this later release features 2 original tracks plus remixes from Sir Weatherall and Toby Tobias. "Mania Theme" is an acid slow beat for clever dancefloor, but the Weatherall remix is a sure shot: live bass and synth arpeggios to produce a real trademark bomb. The Toby Tobias mix is a sublime deep house balearic groove, and second original track is a reconstruction of the Hardkiss track Pacific Coastal Highway.

Bandido's Gang “Dance With Bandido's Gang EP” (Cyber Dance Records)
From the Ali Renault's label, two lost Italo Disco classics from Bandido's Gang, complete with remixes from legendary Danish mixmaster Flemming Dalum. The original and remix versions of 'Marinche' are great, but the remix version takes the sparse simplicity of the original and layers it with additional vocoders and a multitude of stunning sound effects. Side B contains original and remix versions of another track 'Last Train To Tucumcari', a runaway locomotive on the dancefloor.

Dr Shingo “Have You Ever Seen The Blue Comet? 2012” (Sauroid)
After ten years "Have You Ever Seen The Blue Comet?" is again into our speakers with four new versions by Ulysses, Sare Havlicek, Skatebard and Rafworx Oldindustry. Ulysses remix is a ten minutes synthy orgy on a infectuous groove, and Sare Havliceck reworks in a 90s Hacienda style. The Skatebard remix is the most uptempo of the bunch, and the Rafworx Oldindustry surprising for the weird, but good, reconstruction of the original. Two unreleased originals from 2002 are in the Maxi Single package as well.

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