Methi wants to share with You. #2

Straight from the sunny beaches of Los Angeles with the taste of the West Coast, Angel Clouthier plays the sunniest and sexiest disco stuff you've ever heard. Some other times, she indulges herself to her favourite horror tunes. "Once Bitten" is an amazing mix inspired by giallo movies, bloody creatures and the excitement of fear. Is it Halloween or not?

1. How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as sexy, fun, exciting, dirty dance floor jams, a little quirky. I love to draw sounds from all over the world. I love sleazy saxophones, I love ocean sounds, I love African drums, steel drums, the sounds of orgasms. I love synths. I suppose its kitschy to a mass audience who listens to Top 40 but that's fine with me.

2. How did you decide to be a DJ and how did your relationship with music start?

My mum played Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder constantly with headphones on her tummy when she was pregnant with me. She said she always knew that I would do this. I remember my earliest years just sitting in front of a record player with the headphones on.

I decided to become a DJ when I didn't always hear what I wanted to. People go out to clubs to listen to great music, hang with friends and flirt.I would like to increase their chances of mating. Its lonely out there. I play a lot of vocal tunes. I get booked for more fashion conscious events.

I always had an ear for interesting tunes, and odd film scores. I can point out that sample like no other. My second boyfriend was a DJ, so that filled my void and introduced me into the nightlife world. Full of promoters who won't pay you the said amount. Jealous girls who'll burn you with cigarettes, etc.

It took a little longer than I would have liked to fall into this career path. I was trying to make it in the fashion industry and whatever to make money. I realized I really didn't want to have a clothing collection and I didn't really want to stay so skinny as a model. Fainting isn't cute.

3. Any influences?

My influences are Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Sade, Ali Farka Toure, Sylvester, Larry Levan, Giorgio Moroder, Bauhaus, Einsturzende Neubauten, Kraftwerk, Prince, Michael Jackson, Serge Gainsbourg, Harold Budd, Goblin, Jan Hammer, Jean Michel-Jarre, Nino Ferrer, Parliament, Siouxsie Sioux and that muscular oiled up saxophone guy Tim Capello from The Lost Boys.

4. Is there a disco scene in Los Angeles?

The disco scene is separated due to the geography. You have the west side Venice crew which is DJ Harvey, Heidi Lawden, Sarcastic Disco crew. You have the Hollywood disco djs like Max and Tony Adams. Then you have the east side & downtown L.A. crew which is either the Bears In Space folks or The Music For Dancers crew. I try to support all the scenes as much as possible. You have to support or the scene won't grow. I live in the Hollywood Hills now. There's definitely different styles coming out of all them. Lovefingers just moved back here so that's an extra dose of awesome.

5. What's the ideal party for you?

Oh ideal party? There are many. One ideal party is on a tropical beach with the Spanish football or Argentine football team sunning themselves at a nudist beach where I play Italo disco, dub and Afro funk jams. Someone make that happen!!! Please.

Otherwise a nice dark red lit club for an art or fashionshow after party with a bunch of fun drunk people dancing and making out all night long. Or people having their first date at my party and I am the soundtrack to their bonding experience.

6. What was your inspiration for "Once Bitten" mix?

I came up with the Once Bitten mix for people to get in the spirit of Hallowe'en. I was tired of people playing Thriller as their choice for Hallowe'en music. I was in Mexico City for Day of The Dead a few years ago and I swear I heard Thriller and its remixes at least 5 times in one night.

I wanted other DJs to hear my mix and perhaps step up their musical game more for Hallowe'en. Its my favorite time of year. The weather is still nice, everyone gets to bring out their inner freak.

Almost every song is from a horror film on that Once Bitten mix give or take a few. I just wanted something spooky but still sleazy. I have been watching a horror film a day all month in preparation for Hallowe'en.

7. What are your future plans?

For the future, I want to put out releases on Chit Chat Records and whoever else will have me, and start production of my own tunes. I have always dreamed of having vinyl pressed with my name on the label. Put a few on some friend's label overseas. I want to fly back to Berlin, Paris and Istanbul soon to play and visit my friends. I stayed in L.A. all summer because the weather was phenomenal.

Now I am starting to feel that itch. I didn't think I would be here so long. I blame the sunshine. Tokyo is on my list too! I have never been and I would love to go and play for the people. I just wanted to bring my energy to the people for the best party ever.

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