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"Ruba Ruba"
Ariston Records Italy (1979)
Ruba Ruba..a lively, relentless upbeat obscure disco groove that does not let up. It sounds like its intended to be part of traditional disco's cannon, not an offshoot of weird.  It maintains some of disco's original elements; horns, sexy women's voices, and an almost latin-ish vibe of 'fiesta".  The track captures the excitement disco revealed to the planet at time, the sound of nonchalance and decadence. Horn progressions, a galloping percussive groove , and women singing the chorus in italian makes this record a pleasing, and truly sexy atmosphere. When we are exposed to tracks like this, we can see why disco gave birth to dances like 'the strut'. a great tune to thrown in on a set of well known disco hits to confound those that dont veer off the trotten path.

review by The Man from Daytron


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