Mind Fair ‘Kerry's Scene’ (International Feel)
Another hit from one of my prefered labels. Dean Meredith and Ben Shenton are Mind Fair, first member is from Chicken Lips, Goat Dance and of course Bizarre Inc, and Mr Shenton releasing tracks on Prins Thomas' Internasjonal label. Main track "Kerry's Scene" is a marriage of Shenton's harmonica fixation and Meredith's distinctive production styles with a groove to move mountains. Two deep deep remixes from Legowelt and Mr Theo Parrish, and another one from the Bueons Aires man called Fernando.

Sportloto “The Will I EP” (Nang)
Russian cool cat Sportloto is making quite name for himself in the remix realm. Here's with a good EP with Michelle Bee vocals on the main track, so, if chords movements and dartling electronic lines and arpeggios are your thing the you will love the original version. On the remix tip our buddy Fabrizio Mammarella (Bearfunk big dog, and Clap Rules): he takes the organic analog route and trims things down nicely for the dance floor. A little bit of acid but married in a great way with disco elements!

In Flagranti “Skematic Tracks Volume 1” (Codek)
Three new tracks from the Swiss duo, with a new concept: it's like a diagram or manual to help understand the interconnections between the odd parts that In Flagranti find and assemble, an imaginary manual for a new decade that has not been musically defined yet. First track "Paroxysm" is fusion of disco sample from a Peter Brown old Disco track, some 808 beats and a Detroit approach, when "Aspiration" is a bouncy funk techy tune. Best one, for my taste, is "Consumer Goods", that seems a good Disco edit with a deep cosmic feel.

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