Klic ‘Disco Music’ (Home tape Is Killing Music)
Debut release for this obscure act called Klic…but what a release!!! Both the tracks on A and B sides are amazing: “Disco Music” is a bassdrive disco house track, in between a creative re-edit and a great production. A bass line with a rhodes riff on top, that make you crazy (if you love some jazzy-disco feels as Dexter Wansel), but with a modern groove, and a vocal sample in a 90s style. The B side track is a slow beat gem,with strings, a vocal and a funky guitar loops, and the same bassdrive rhodes flavour.

Katzuma “Life In The City” (Kinjo Music)
First vinyl release from this five years old label Kinjo…but it’s definitely worth if our man Katzuma is involved! Main track “Life In The City” works off some great piano chords, bouncy bassline, smooth strings and funky guitar riffs with some dubbed out vocals and a great dancefloor approach. There are other two tracks in the 12”, “Music Is Made For Love” and “Stooned”, with same organic approach, with percussions and some house feeling. Another great release from Katzuma!

AA.VV. “Night Light EP” (House Of Disco)
A four track EP from the UK based House Of Disco blog and same named label. Previous EP was a great success, and this new one should be a banger as well. Another great italian newcomer is involved, I refer to Luminodisco from Rome, that with his “Too Night” track makes us shaking and dancing. A superb vocal sample over a Metro Area style bassline, with some jazzy synth riffs, and a great drum programming. The rest of the EP is amazing as well, with artists as Rocco Raimundo, Matthew Kyle and The Grooves.

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