Maurizio "Sangy" Sangineto
(Armed Gang, Firefly | Musix Rec.)


I.D.: Ciao Maurizio welcome to Italo Deviance!
M.S.: Ciao, grazie!

I.D.: Where, when and why did you start producing?
M.S.: I started playing guitar when I faced that it was a short way to conquer girls :-)
My father was a guitar player and he teached me (obviously how to get girls.. :-) 
I was living in Vicenza (Italy) where there is one of the biggest USA Army bases. So I found a lot of good musicians, americans, especially black. So I could get an international approach to music since my beginnings.
My first production was an instrumental album ("Steps") actually very rare record.. then I produced FIREFLY, the first completely italian band getting the first position on the official USA dance charts (1981).. Then I produced The Armed Gang (a deep funky project very successful in Brazil in 1984).
I produced and published also a lot of italo disco hits, like the Passengers, The Creatures, Valery Dore, Alba Parietti, and many others..

(MUSIX RECORDS) Listen: Valery Allington - Stop

I.D.: Which kind of Synthesizers and Drum Machines did you use at the studio?
M.S.: I was a guitar and bass player, so these are the instruments that I first of all used.. I also used some Korg synthetizers, Yamaha DX7, Fender piano, Lynn and Oberheim drums.

I.D.: Who were your studio/production partners?
M.S.: for the Firefly project Maurizio Cavalieri, co-producer and co-author, with Toto Torquati as recording manager. For the Armed Gang I worked with my friend Flavio Botta (Mr Bottmann) with Sandy Dian as  recording manager. For The Creatures my partner was Mario Flores, as co-author and recording manager.

I.D.: How Musix Records was born?
M.S.: Simply after the Firefly experience I decided to create a my own recording label, called Musix (a name that contains a lot of musical power meanings).

(FIREFLY) Listen: Firefly - Love

I.D.: Which is your own favourite production?
M.S.: Firefly, the first album. That was a great production, deeply inspired and international.. able to arrive untill today with the same coolness.

I.D.: Can you tell us why you called a project "The Armed Gang" also where you met James Otis White Jr. and Kenny Claiborne?
M.S.: I wanted to make people feel the mood of the authentic black music played in the NY streets by the gangs.. Obviously my idea of "gang" was only in the musical meaning..

(THE ARMED GANG) Listen: Armed Gang - Are you ready

I.D.: Who are your favourite producers/groups from the past? (Italian and others)
M.S.: I loved King Crimson, Santana, Mahavishnu Orchestra.. then the Philly Sound, Chic, Earth Wind and Fire, the Commodores, Quincy Jones.. and all the good music.

I.D.: Are you still involved into music?
M.S.: not so much.. actually I'm an art director. But music is the first love..

I.D.: Ok Maurizio, thank you very much for this exclusive interview. Good work!
M.S.: Thank you!!

by Marcello Giordani