Anthony Mansfield & DJ Garth ‘Pancho’s Revenge’ (Hector Works)
As a big fan of DJ Garth, I’m more than happy to see a new release by him, and with Hector Works label boss Anthony Mansfield as well! The main titled track 'Pancho’s Revenge’ is the pick of the bunch here: a dubby disco affair with a 70’s B-Movie taste that make you move,a real trip into a modern nu disco funk track. A couple of remixes are added to the original by Beat Broker and Ilya Santana, first in an atmospheric arpeggiated version via cosmic disco, and Mr Santana from Eskimo for a future retro pulsating heavy monster.

Brioski “Radio Anatomy” (Nang)
Another italian newcomer, and this time from Milan. After a couple of releases on Mad On The Moon and In Flagranti’s Codek label, Brioski shows his love for analog gears, balearic and disco old school for his Nang debut 12”. The title track is a banger, a real killerfloor full of synth that pumps the tune into overdrive. A serious mix on the flip from Emperor Machine that push the already great original into a higher level, that build up sustained and full of suspense. Solid release!

Drop Out Orchestra & Martin Brodin presents: "Single Linge Lisco Disco Edit" (MB records)
A very strange release on Martin Brodin MB records…a not so well know outside of Sweden, this track is a real boogie disco affair from a very obscure band in between from easy jazz listening and funk disco vein. The edit did by the expert hands of Drop Out Orchestra with the label honcho help is a very nice weapon on the floor, no vocals but wah wah guitar, simmons drums and a catchy guitar riff that make you dance for sure.

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