| DJ SET | Marcello Giordani "Private Collection & More"


Alan Hawkshaw - Space Pamorama
Albatros - Stop Stop Violence
Adolf Stern - More...i like it (Hanoben edit)
Albatros feat. Toto Cutugno - Private Collection (Instrumental)
Heather Parisi - Filo di Ragno (M.G. edit)
Marcello Giordani - Dirty Love
Caroline Crawford - Coming on strong
Golden Reunion - Brain
Little Casper & the MX's - The ultimate Warlord (Instrumental)
Al Musci - Dubai flight
Barbara Roy - If you want me
Gay Cat Park - I'm a Vocoder
Anarchic System - Generation

| DJ SET |Marcello Giordani - Private Collection & More by Marcello Giordani

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