Italian Disco Connection #9


Pizzico Records represent all the unconfessed sexual fantasies of Brunito aka Billy Bogus.
Rare? Yep.
Torbid? Yep. Groovy? Yep. Trippy? No doubt.Disco not disco stuff for a label founded in 2007, when Nu Disco seemed to be a handful of the resistance against the “mono sound” of the minimal exploitation.
Now Pizzico is a proud scouter, finding big talents out as
Enzo Ponzio, Ichisan & Nakova, Sare Havlicek, Space System and the promising new character Johnny Paguro in “whattheycall” nu Disco.
In three years the label picked new sounds and new artists through cool releases, funny parties around the country,
audio/video installations for expo/vernissages with the “hidden” sublabel, important commercial partnerships (exactly the opposite of what it was made for but you know times are changed ), tracks on huge compilations as “Afterhours Ibiza” by Global Underground but most of all the will to conduct good and dusty vibes to forgotten clubbers and listeners.
Pizzico got in people like
Peter Visti, Ilija Rudman, Aeroplane, Richard Sen and many others big connoisseurs and every release is always supported with joy and curiosity, that’s always the main thang.
Label dj sets use to spread lot of positive/negative energy through its founder Billy Bogus that mashes Italo disco with paillettes, nu wave, early vibes and deep house.
In the next future new disco comrades are ready to join this weird racing team as Discodromo, Kid Who and Kael Misko, so please stay tuned because Pizzico promising to no drop the ball.­


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