Italian Disco Connection #8

..was born in 2001 as an artistic collective from multifaceted nature that mixes music and creative expressions
linked to the image with the intention of spreading a conception of club/not club for the promotion of cultural events.
The project infact it feeds on hours and hours of musical night time and strange Lynch's visions,it expressed a strong desire to share passions,
where electronic music is the footprint and mixshow from multiple sounds are the expression.

From more than a few years their name stands out in the circuit of alternative milan s clubbing thanks to Seby and Skip talent,
DJs who put hands and heart on dishes and mixer since adolescence, developing a surprising taste and a technical know-how like real professionals.

In 2006, joined the crew of Discolimone along with DjPersignora: the unforgettable party,
with base at Milan's Sottomarino Giallo, became the first keeper of the scepter of underground scene since breathing international,
quoted also by Tim Sweeney on his list of "best gigs of the year" in 2008.

Put together by a passion for deep-house which led them to create their fellowship,
they soon become a winning couple; two pieces of the same puzzle wedged perfectly capable of uniting electronic sophistications of head and groove pf belly,
atmospheres learned emotional and visceral rhythmicals, drawing from the warm sonority soul, disco and funk,getting through
psychedelic rock, hip-hop and electronic mold contamination of new wave, until arriving to the dawn of techno.

Productions won't make you wait: in 2008 the first release on Red Music of Ilija Rudman, "Welcome To The Silence" exit in pairs with "Carlos The Jackal"
of Bonar Bradberry; in 2009 the first EP on THISISNOTANEXIT that contains traces "Turpe Traxx", "Felix", "Objectif Venus"
in the version of Fratelli Riviera and a remix of "Turpe Traxx" by Sankt Goran.
This disc will start to a official entry in TINAE's stable that leads them to some happy collaborations and remixes for artists of the English label.
Always in the same years come out the 10 "" The Guitar Man "with the Barking Dogs, some releases digitally on Disco Volante and Dischi Bellini
and the 12" "Painted Boxes" on Mad On The Moon.

Their latest productions are directed at the new side project Robotalco, exclusively dedicated to the roots of house music,
with a imminent release on Home Taping Killing Music and also forthcoming material on GodWRK by Mr. Chinn and on Hole In The Sky of Canyons.

Recently passed by the most famous radio show in the industry, Beats In Space by Tim Sweeney,
their way of making music has the sound of a promise on Italian dance scene.

Upcoming Releases, edits and remixes on I’m a Clichè, Slow Motion, Dischi Bellini and more…

ClubSilencio | TURPE MIX # 001 | Dec. 2009 by CS|Lovers Mixes|ARCHIVE

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