Italian Disco Connection #13

The Sicilian artist Enzo Ponzio starts his career as a DJ in 1991.
For several years he works in clubs and parties in Sicily.
In 1999 he decides to move to Milan, where he soon starts working as a composer and sessionman in several productions of different artists while he collaborates with dance artists and above all he starts presenting his dj sets in the best clubs of the town, becoming Resident in several of them.
From 2000 to 2005 he collaborates with the German radio station “Radio42”, for which the hosts a mixed program, “The Blue Set”.
His sound becomes soon very popular.
In February 2005, the magazine "Gq” includes him among the 30 best Italian DJs.
In summer 2005 he participates in the Mtv Sunset Tour during which he has the chance of sharing the stage with artists such as “Zero7”, “2 Many dj’s”, “Soulwax” and “Skin”.
In the same period, Enzo Ponzio joins the Radio Italia Network team for the program “La Noche Escabrosa”.
In summer 2007 he brings his DJ set at “Turquoise”, in Rimini, during the event for the release of the new “Seat Leon”.

In 2007 he has been very active as a producer: his production "Enzo Ponzio - My 80's Funk" was in fact released by the label “Pizzico Record” of Modena.
His single is soon among the top 20, under the "Disco" genre, reaching the 11th position in the singles chart.
His tracks are included in the DJ sets of artists such as “Martini Bros”, “Aeroplane”, of the Belgian label “Ekimo”, “Simone Fedi”, “DiskJokke”.
He continues his collaboration with the label “Pizzico Records”, with which he releases new “Ep’s” such as “Works Part 1” and “Works Part 2”.
He becomes soon well known also as a Remixer, working on various tracks such as “Rubber Balls” by the Australian band “Butterscorch”, which is included in the compilation “Afterhours Ibiza 2008” of the label “Global Underground/Ministry of Sound”, and James Curd for the anniversary of the "OM Records" label.


Enzo Ponzio – My 80’s Funk Ep (Pizzico Records)

Ezo Ponzio – Works Part.1 (Pizzico Records)

Butterscorch – Rubberballs (Enzo Ponzio Rmx) (Pizzico Records/ Global Underground)

Enzo Ponzio – Works Part.2 (Pizzico Records)

Billy Bogus – Alphabet City (Enzo Ponzio Rmx) (Pizzico Records)

Bogus & Sal – Terror Island (Enzo Ponzio Rmx) (BearFunk)

Enzo Ponzio – Works Part.3 (Pizzico Records)

James Curd – The wills and the Wonts (Enzo Ponzio Rmx) (Child’s Play)

Enzo Ponzio – Ufo Dancing (Pizzico Records)

Enzo Ponzio – New Way Ep (SolarDisco)

Kid Who – Ochre Ep (Enzo Ponzio Rmx) (Rainbow Socks Rec)

Nakova new Ep - Enzo Ponzio Rmx (Pizzico Records) Coming Soon

Enzo Ponzio – The Units Tribute – (Opilec Records) Coming Soon

Enzo Ponzio – My 80’s Funk (Reworked by Discodromo & Kid Who) (Pizzico Records) Coming Soon

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