Italian Disco Connection #12

THE BARKING DOGS a musical project by Italian dj-duo, Cristian Croce and Nicola Mazzetti, which started out in 2006.
Two djs with different musical backgrounds and both with solid experiences gave birth to a new and unique style of Djing.
The BD are party animals; throughout the years working as dj's, they have developed their own taste and style and now together they have a recognizable and technical know-how. With their dj-sets they spread the same energy and passion that they put in their musical research. The effect is always surprising and powerful with instantaneous positive feedback from the dance-floor . . . even when they play sounds that are often obscure to their audience. During the season 2009/2010 the BD are resident dj's at the famous Plastic club in Milan - a legendary venue that gives the duo the possibility to continuosly improve on their "four hands on a mixer" skills. The music takes its roots in Original Disco and old-school house music, deeply influenced from different cultural contaminations coming from both past sounds and new stuff. Rock and tech crossed with groovy and soulful beats, riding the awesome vibes that only a vinyl groove under a needle can give.
From the most recent studio sessions comes the first 10” limited edition white label productions : in 2008 “Reincantation”, a Balearic trip with a warm beat, quickly sold-out in Italy and Europe. It was then followed by the successful hit “The guitar man” with a dirtier old-school sound. The third release, “Hi-nrg”, together with the B-side “S.o.S”, has been played for months as a main track in their dj-sets. In 2009, the fourth 12" record “It's What” was signed on Mad On The Moon records and remixed by
Philip Lauer on the B-side. After meeting with singer and sax-player Jessie Evans, the "versus" project was born. "Versus" is fundamentally a remake of the tracks "Scientist Of Love" and "Let Me On" taken from the album "Is It Fire". Here the duo uses vocals and sax lines from Jessie, adding grooves and melodies now typically associated with the BD. The release (the second on Mad On The Moon Records) includes 2 remixes signed by the Norwegian Rune Lindbaek and Altz of Japan. The strong research and replication of old sounds applied to the re-edits recently attracted the attention of the much respected Dutch label, Rush Hour, who instantly seized the moment and formed Panini Records (first release out inSeptember 2010).

The prolific 2010 is also the year for another collaboration born after the guys met Hard Ton Disco Queen (italian duo who recently released on labels Gigolo, Permanent Vacation and Compost). The new born track is called "The Big Deal" and it is immediatly included in the "Italo Now Compilation" compiled by Gomma Records. Famous online music store contacted the BD to obtain the exclusivity on certain tracks: the duo instantly took the opportunity to create a platform which would allow them to promote themsleves as producers with great ideas, with the primary objective to showcase all of those "rocket" tracks from under the bed. Less than two months from the start, they have already released a wealth of music constantly with great feedbacks by the store's users.
The owners of one of the best record shops in Milan “Serendeepity”, the Barking Dogs live for music.
They are a collaboration and a friendship, expressed in a fancy and eclectic four-handed show, well known in Italy and overseas.
As managers and resident djs of the Discosafari Nights, The Barking Dogs promote the Italian and international discohouse movement, collaborating with the most significant names of the underground field and always with support from djs like Severino ( Horse Meat Disco) , Prins Thomas, James Murphy, Ellen Allien and Todd Terje.


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