Italian Disco Connection #11

Mushrooms Project are Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano who met back in 2003. They were joined through a love of DJing and a passion for all forms of music. Their inspiration has come from the Idjut Boys and the Mateo & Matos duet. Pushing the boundaries of DJing they introduced themselves to using 4 turntables, which enables them to fuse together deep house, disco and funk. After making their debut in their home country of Italy they have gone onto play at various parties around Formentera and Ibiza. In the middle of the Mediterranean their Balearic approach to music tted in perfectly with their surroundings! In 2008 the pair had their rst production signed by London's Bear Funk Records. As an established label with releases form the likes of Lindstrom, Chicken Lips, Idjut Boys, Fabrizio Mammarella it was a promising start for Giorgio & Marco. Shortly after a new demo arrived at Electric Minds who were quick to snap up their latest EP for the label. "Space Mushrooms", "Wilkommen" and "Special Guest In The Camping" are newly created tracks with live instruments throughout. The baleraric and techy sounds provide an original and new sound for the ever growing house / nu disco scene. As an added bonus to this new Ep is a remix from Toby Tobias. As a friend to the label and with his consistency of releasing his trademark sound on labels such as Rekids and Tiny Sticks it's
great to hear Toby's work on this excellent EP. At the end of 2009 Mushrooms Project close the year with a work on "Pizzico Records". In 2010 released an italian style 12" EP on "Is It Balearic?" label which is called "Italian Connection" and just later a 12" EP on "UNDER THE SHADE" this work is called "Tropikal Mushrooms" and creates two remixes by Phoreski and Mark E. With the owering summer 2010, the italian duo create a remix and launch "Soupaczar" band, that soon will be released on "Under the Shade" with a remix signed by Ray Mang and another one from Padded Cell.
The Other work of Mushrooms are some beautiful remixes for Mad on The Moon (marbeya Sound) , Crimea x,Unit remix (Opilec Music) and for Love supreme on TIRK With CHICKEN LIPS.
What will propose for the months ahead?? stay tuned!

Mushrooms Project @ Disco Wars "Veronika Club" march 2010 (part 1) by Mushrooms Project

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