Italian Disco Connection #10

Historical exponent of the electronic scene in Bologna, Italy, Andrea "Mayo" Salomoni begins his artistic career back in the wake of the 88's "Summer of Love" which brought the explosion of house and acid sound. In 1990 he was already a active DJ and producer. A lover of Detroit techno and Chicago house, through electro and disco citations, Mayo is an appreciated DJ and was producer and remixer in many projects.
Productions under the pseudonym Soulomon led him to two major releases in 2007, on labels Underground Quality and Recondite, which received broad support and aroused the interest of Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and Fabrice Lig. His later project LowLow gave life to various releases by Millions Of Moments(DE) and Mathematics(US).
Over the years he produced with the labels Mathematics (US), Millions Of Moments (DE), Recondite (US), Underground Quality (US), Meakusma (BE), SameSoulDifferentBodyImprint (US), Deep4Life (US), Eukatech (UK), IRMA (IT), Marshmellow/Japan (IT)


Mayo - disco not disco - october 2009 by Discomobile Athletes

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