Italian Disco Connection #1

Dj Ca$hmere
(aka Ambrogio Ferrario), is a Milan based dj that has been central in the city's music life for over ten years. Along with his dj group called Djpersignora and fellow Milanese Club Silencio, he has been responsinble single-handedly for the return of disco music in the club scene of Milan. His "Discolimone" party, changed the clubbing landscape, bringing in the Italian city the cream of the crop of contemporary djs (Greg Wilson, Rub N Tug, James Murphy, Joakim among the others). The club has been so succesfull that Tim Sweeney (DFA, Beats in Space) voted it top club night in 2008! Now you can listen him monthly at Milan's ZOOM or in clubs around Italy and in Europe.
Along with his djing career Dj Ca$hmere has worked as musical consultant for festivals and brands!

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Kick the blues away mix by djcashmere

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Dj Ca$hmere!

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