Italian Disco Connection #3


(Guglielmo Bottin, 1977) is producer, dj and sound designer based in Venice, Italy Bottin makes music only an Italian can make... probably Take a youth spent against a background of old Italian Giallo soundtracks, add in late 70s Italian disco influences, a touch of free and easy west-coast vibe and a smattering of kitsch. That just about half describes Bottin.
Early works include two albums (Chill Reception in 2002 and I Love Me Vol. I in 2004) and more than 20 compilations for Italian label Irma Records. Later he started working as producer and arranger for major Italian pop artists like Lucio Dalla, Donatella Rettore, Sergio Caputo and arranged a platinum-selling album by Spanish group Chambao.
As sound artist he was selected for Fabrica, the Benetton creative research center founded by Oliviero Toscani. For Colors Magazine he curated the Color Music series, presented at the Sonar festival in Barcelona. For the Biennale of Venice he designed audio for Spanish Pavilion by Antoni Muntadas. He has also written original music for the feature films "Once And Future Queen " and the upcoming "The Boy With The Sun In His Eyes" both directed by Todd Verow (Bangorfilms, USA)
Bottin’s recent releases include the seminal “Fondamente Nove” on Eskimo Records (2008) and “No Static” for U.S. label Italians Do It Better (2009). Bottin moved to the forefront of the Italo disco revival with his concept album "Horror Disco” on Bearfunk Records UK, which garnered critical praise for its dashing display of all of Italo’s delights without the pastiche. The album’s title may conjure up images of a Goblin inspired trip through Dario Argento horror movie nostalgia, but in actuality it is filled with thick, Moroder-esque basslines that inspire dancing rather than dread.
For 2010, Nang Records releases “Discoursive Diversions”, the first of its New Masters series, which aims to push on-the-cusp DJs into the big leagues. With an exhaustive touring schedule, Bottin’s reputation as both producer and DJ is a steadily growing force to be reckoned with. His sets are an unpredictable journey into space disco, italo rarities, and deep funk. A reckless blend of retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary electronica that always sets the dance floor on fire.

2010: New Masters Series: BOTTIN - Discoursive Diversions (Nang UK)
2010: "Galli/Piazza Venezia" with Rodion (Eskimo Recordings, Belgium)
2010: "Hot Ring" with Stevie Kotey (Bear Funk, UK)
2010: "Theme From V: The Final Battle" (Nang, UK)
2009: "Disco For The Devil: Remixes" (Bear Funk, UK)
2009: "Horror Disco" (Bear Funk, UK) album
2009: "No Static" (Italians Do It Better, USA)
2008: "Fondamente Nove" (Eskimo Recordings, Belgium)
2004: "I Love Me Vol. I" (Tudor/Sony, Italy)
2002: "Chill Reception" (Irma Records/Sony, Italy)

2010: "Solarstone: Electric Love" (Solaris, UK)
2010: "Lindstrøm: Paaskelyd" (Bear Funk, UK)
2010: "Sally Shapiro: My Fantasy" (Permanent Vacation, Germany)
2010: "In Flagranti: Ex Ex Ex (Codek, USA+CH)
2010: "Telonius: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" (Gomma, Germany)
2009: "Lost Valentinos: Nightmoves (Ministry Of Sound, Australia)
2009: "Ali Love: Smoke And Mirrors (Back Yard, UK)
2009: "Pollyn: I Can't Get Into It (USA)
2009: "Space: Carry On Turn Me On" (Nang, UK)
2009: "Space: Tango In Space" (Nang, UK)
2009: "Oscar G. & Stryke: Hypnotized (Hooj Choones, UK)
2009: "Solange: Robots Are Dub-American" (Italians Do It Better, USA)
2009: "Tosca: Elektra Bregenz" (G-Stone, Austria)
2009: "Jupiter: Starlighter" (ESR/La Main, France)
2009: "The Emergency: Fantasy" (Metal Postcard, USA)
2009: "Wax Stag: And How" (People In The Sky, UK)
2009: "Codebreaker: Follow Me" (Disco Demolition, USA)



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