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the saucer people said...

Its a mystery why this post has not got comment after comment praising you to the far reaches of deep space for posting this majestic track.

From the moogesque freakout opening chords to the overblown progged out ELP synth stabs, this is just stunning...then it moves into balearic blissout territory before the funkiest slap-bass breakdown this side of Level 42 hits you in the face preparing you for the Simonetti/Goblin style psychodrama ending!

Never come across Roberto Onofri before but he seems definitely worth checking out some more, I see from his discography he did a track called 'Living With Passion' in this the same as Moral Support's track of the same name which also came out in '83?

Anymore Onofri you can recommend? This is the kind of Italo that melts my brain!

Stanislas said...

Indeed it's an excellent cover from Moral Support better than original IMHO, check also this amazing release:

"D.J. Ricky Battaglia And Oberhaim Band - She Is Liar"
Produced by Onofri