Italian Disco Connection #2

Dj Beppe Loda

Percussionist composer and real eclectic DJ.

Beppe Loda start his experience as a dj at the end of 1973 at Kinky Club in Manerbio his native town. Distinguished immediately for his style: an unusual sound of rock music integrated in a context of funk-disco. Towards the end of 70’s, confirming his different style, his passion for African music, electronic, new wave, etc. begins.
At the end of the year 1980 the cooperation with the discotheque Typhoon starts.
Thanks to this cooperation many music trends were born and influenced the upcoming years, the first of all was electronic new-wave industrial pop. Beppe Loda is in fact the first dj in Italy who raise this type of music, which is now called wrongly “Cosmic Music”, when he started at Typhoon no other club offered this music style in Italy.
But the most important revolution was the so called "Afro” which created a big fan group as defined as the "Afro movement” from which followed the brazilian, rare groove, blaxploitation, obscure jazz/fusion etc…

In the eighties he expands his activities; he not only works as a dj but also for productions discography. He advises various productions of italo-disco music by contributing his music skills. In this time he also mixes in various registration studios a lot of tracks, including some hits of this Italian music style. In the eighties he founds the band "MC1" with which he Creates a kind of unique electronic sound called italo-synth.
He enters the group "EGOTRYA" and changes their music performance by implementing a style oriented in the direction of synth-prog. In the same decade he works as a adviser for various import/export companies in the discography sector. He is also the owner of a record shop.
In 1990 he creates a new project "SIRUS" which is orientated towards a new type of space music. In the mid 90’s he starts with his dj friend Macro a new project, "ITALOWERK" which focuses on the Style “italo-disco synth".
Still in the 90‘s he initiates with HD recording and becomes a pioneer in this sector. He realises in this then years more than 60 rmx of tracks from other artists.
In 2006 he was invited to exhibit at the Swedish National Cultural Centre and in the same year in the well known “Moma - Museum of Modern Art” in New York from where is tour through the USA starts.

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Beppe Loda - Disco Exota Mix 1 by DiscoExota

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