I.D. Interview #1: Salvatore Cusato (Casco)

Italian, born under the sign of Scorpio in Crotone (the pearl of “Ancient Greece”) Salvatore Cusato as a child moved to Genova.
Professional Disc-Jockey since 1971, pioneer DJ of A.I.D (Italian DJ Association founded by Gianni Naso & Renzo Arbore) since his foundation in 1972. Awarded Best Italian Disco DJ 1977 (National Referendum by weekly gossip Magazine “Eva Express”),Gold Plate DJ Festival Italy 1985.
During his career resident in more than 100 Discotheques all over Europe, he owns more than 10’000 Vinyls of all danceable genres.
Special Guest DJ in 16 Countries up to 2007 and his name is included in “Discothèques Pioneers Hall of Fame”!


- I.D. : Hi Salvatore welcome to Italo Deviance!
- S.C. : Buongiorno Grande Marcello Giordani from my Italo's world ☺
- I.D. : When, where and why did you start producing?
- S.C. : Since I was handling the first vinyls I liked to understand who was
behind the realization of a track. I wanted be, not just someone
who was spinning a record, but one of the creators of the records I was playing .
It was A dream that became reality in the spring of 1983 in my hometown in Genova , Italy.
- I.D. : Which kind of equipment did you use in studio?
- S.C. :
KORG VC10 VOCODER (and not a Roland SVC-350 Vocoder as mentioned in some blogs..)
A 16 track desk (MCI, Solid State or Argentini)
One turntable of course(for listening the sources of the inspiration).
A Revox with big tapes ,a white pencil to mark the exact cutting place (editing by hands…)
- I.D. : Who were your studio/production partners?
- S.C. : I started cooperating with Carlo Favilli (Rip) delivering him for 'House of Music' Cybernetic Love' in 1983. I was in touch with him and his partner Zito since before the release of 'Stop ' (Bwh) . The first studio I used was called 'Studio G' (G as Genova the town).
But during more than 25 ys of career as producer I worked with several partners, Just to mention few of them…Elvio Pieri from Forli –I, with whom I done several tracks between Forli (Power Track Studio), Rimini (Altro Mondo Studio of Mario Flores) and Genova (Gulliver Studium)… Memory Records team (Memory Studios in Parma Italy) …Ottavio Bacciocchi at Studio Master 33 (Cremona Italy)…Giorgio Canepa aka MBG with whom I worked at Gulliver Studium (Genova- I), Edoardo Milano at Spacelab Studio ( Trieste- I), Christian Hornbonstel (Padova- I), Alessandro Franchi & Dieffe Publishing Team (Wimpy Studio Milano- I) Severo Lombardoni at Discomagic Studio( Milano- I) , Jonas Ekfeldt at Interbase Studio( Stockholm –Sweden) , Lino Nicolosi (Nicolosi Productions in Milano- I)…My latest production partners are Angelo Valsiglio in Forli (I), Mario Percali (Maryhouse Studio Vicenza –I)), Paolo Del Prete of Bwh and Blackway (Rome) and at last but not least Alex Novaga (Faenza- I).
- I.D. : Now everybody says "Italo Disco", but did you call it that way back in the 80s?
- S.C. : Made In Italy (or Dance made by Italians).

- I.D. : Which way the wonderful track "Cybernetic Love" was born?
- S.C. : Thank u for compliments! To hear that this track is stilll appreciated today is a big honour and especially from great dj producer like you.
'Cybernetic Love' was born getting different influences, first of all Moroder obviously…then the Rockets , the Yazoo, the Twins and ..the movie E.T. (it is an impossible love story , between a girl and an extra terrestrial ,they cannot comunicate because the cyber love didnt exist yet…but the story has an happy end!).
When I had all the musical ideas clear in my mind I went to the right people and right studio to get the right work made …In 3 days of hard work the track was ready thanks also to the ability of the team I tasked and directed (De Scalzi Brothers ,the same people who done it 'Take a chance' by Mr Flagio).

- I.D. : Where did your typical style come from and which is your own favourite production?
- S.C. : I believe I share the stlye of mostly italian music makers of 80s.
If we analize the songs I produced in fact all my tracks they contains the typical italian sentimental register despite the arrangements are different (I like to be versatyle).
My own favourite production ever is and remain the masterpiece disco electro suite "From Here to Eternity" by Giorgio Moroder.
- I.D. : Who are your favourite producers/groups from the past? (Italian or others)
- S.C. : Italians do it better ☺ Giorgio Moroder and Jean Marc Cerrone are my favourite all time ( ex-equo).
Groups? I dont have particular favourite ones…Producers they can give different names to their productions as you know.
- I.D. : I know that you just got involved into music again, is there something you want to reveal to us? :)
- S.C. : Oh yes, I reveal you in fact that my next gigs wil be in Stockholm Sweden where I'll play first time in my life at Obaren Club the 7th October and in Faenza (Italy) for "La Festa Elettronica" on the night of 24th october at Cantine Romane (organized by Livia Fagnocchi of La Casa del Disco).
On the releases news : the remastered re-issue of the Italo Classic Cellophan's ' Music Colours' by Italo Godfathers on my own label Music Control . After that I will cooperate with Paolo Del Prete for his project ' Xenophia' . I m very excited about that !
- I.D. : Ok Salvatore, thank you very much for this exclusive interview. Good work!
- S.C. : Thanks to you Marcello for the privilege I had in answering to your questions and good luck Italo Deviance!

Casco - Cybernetic Love
Casco DJ_SET

Dedicated to Maurizio Cannici, CGD Records (RIP)
by Marcello Giordani